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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


On Friday afternoon, the kids and I were in an accident. Driving along the 210 freeway, on our way to meet Ryan for lunch at noon, and I heard a crash of two cars to my left and the sound of screeching tires. I looked over my left shoulder to see two cars spinning out of control and one of them to crash into the side of our car. Luckily nobody was injured, but our *new* car was pretty crunched. My door wouldn't even open initially. At least a FIVE thousand dollar fix per the collision center's estimation of the repairs.
Dylan was really shaken up, crying and afraid (naturally). But Addie seemed unphased by the whole thing, sleeping and waking only to eat and because of the 90 degree weather outside as we waited for the highway patrol officer to arrive and take the report. Ryan actually arrived before the CHP, which says a lot both about how LONG it took the CHP officer to answer the call and how quickly Ryan managed to get to us!
We took the kids to see the pediatrician that evening, just to be sure they were ok, and all was fine.
I feel so blessed that we were in a safe car and no-one was hurt. It's amazing what damage was done to the outside of the car without one tiny scratch to any of us.
Also, I'm thankful for family and friends for their support through everything. My friend Anamara met us at the gas station as the officer wrote up the report and helped me with the kids, bringing cold drinks for all and showering us with positive energy and hugs. Then that night, my father-in-law met us halfway to San Diego to bring the kids and I down there for the weekend since Ryan was leaving for a conference the next morning and then loaned us their new car until Thanksgiving. Being down in San Diego with my in-laws this weekend made things feel seamless while Ryan was gone, helping me with the kids and making sure I got some rest after the accident. The distraction from Ryan being gone and the support of my in-laws was much appreciated. And with the LA fires blazing on, it was nice to be in fresh air with the kids.

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Wow Briana - I am so, so sorry to hear this and so, so glad that you and your precious ones are o.k.!
much love,


wow! I'm glad you're ok but what a scare! I hope Ryan has a safe trip and things are sorted out quickly.


I'm really sorry about your accident. The same thing happened to me on Tuesday. However, my daughter was not in the car. I didn't get hurt at all but the car was sure crunched. It really could have been a lot worse. Hugs from Texas.


I'm so sorry about your new car! But very very glad everyone is ok. Lots to be thankful for


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