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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conversation With My Preschooler

Tonight after Dylan's Taekwondo class, on our way out the door, Dylan pushed his way past the adults to give his teacher a big hug. He then proceeded to invite his teacher to our house to 'see his stickers', which was pretty cute.
And on the drive home, he and I had the following conversation:

"Mommy, I want Master Johnny to come to our house."

"Dylan, that's fine, we can invite him and his family in another few weeks when we are all less busy, ok?"

"Ok, Mommy. But I want him to come not in his Taekwondo uniform. I want him to come with pants... and a shirt and... underwear."

Underwear? Dylan sure has a strict dress-code for guests at our house.

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I love it and always look forward to what comes out of their minds...CUTE!


Underwear is good


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