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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Finding Teddybear

Tonight after Dylan's regular routine of bathtime, nursing, cereal-time, book, and snuggling, we put him down for the night (swaddled with pacifier). He cried and cried as usual. Then he got quiet and after a few more minutes, I asked Ryan to go check on him to make sure he was okay (probably just asleep I thought). Nope. Ryan came back and said, "you've got to come see this!" I followed him back into Dylan's nursery to find Dylan unswaddled, rotated around to the opposite side of the crib, smiling and playing with a teddybear he apparently selected from the other end of the crib. He was too cute. I videotaped a few minutes of him snuggling and smiling with his new friend for the record before getting him re-ready for bed. Now he is back to his former state, swaddled and crying himself to sleep for the night. Silly Dylan.

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