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Friday, February 24, 2006

Turtles Galore!

This afternoon Dylan and I went for a long walk around the Cal Tech campus. How beautiful. We even discovered a turtle colony (with about 20 sunbathing turtles within arms reach) at the edge of a lovely stream that runs through part of the campus. I went into the bookstore and asked if this was unusual to see so many turtles and the girl replied, "there are hundreds of them especially when it is sunny out!" I found a rock to perch myself onto and Dylan and I just stared (well, to be honest, Dylan played with his stroller belt strap most of the time) at the pond and watched the turtles swim and sunbathe on the rocks for about 20 minutes in the sun. Perfect. I'm sure we'll be returning to that same spot together again soon. I can't wait until Dylan actually discovers them as actual animals and get excited when he sees them. I'm sure it will be a favorite spot as he grows older and more aware.
I also scheduled two interviews for early next week and called about daycare to a bunch of places. I don't know how we'll ever find a daycare with openings and shorter than 9 months of a wait-list. Finding daycare has turned into a nightmare. We attended an information session last night at All Saints Children's Center amongst about 50-60 other parents for about an hour, then signed up for an observation session in March, at which point we can then obtain an application to get onto the wait-list for December admission. Ack! Lots of hoops to jump through and we don't even know if we'll get a spot in a classroom for him. And after calling around to about 6-7 other daycare centers around town, I found the same story.
Which lead me to the conclusion that finding Dylan daycare is going to be much harder than finding myself a job, not the other way around like I initially thought.



Oh, that sounds awesome! We'll have to take the kiddos there when we come visit!

Have you looked at for childcare providers? Maybe you can find a part-time nanny or private in-home person like you had here for a reasonable rate, at least for the wait periods. Good luck! I'm sure it'll all work out.


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