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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Amazing Feats

He has been growing and changing each day so dramatically. We are visiting family down in San Diego and he has been really thriving on the constant attention. Yesterday he sat in a highchair for the first time at a restraunt, contentedly. He has started drinking from a sippy cup, on his own! He can sit up unsupported now, balance on all fours and rock back and forth, and reach for objects while lying on his tummy. Last night, while Ryan's parents and I watched tv and waited for Ryan to come home from his business trip up in Pasadena, Dylan and his grandma came up with a little game where Dylan made noises and she patted his mouth to make cute little noises together. It was halarious. He loved his new game!
I wonder, what will he do today? It is pretty cute how family members call now each day and ask to come by and visit to see "Dylan's latest trick."

On another note, Ryan and I have gone to have my wedding rings resized. I used to be a size 5, but have needed a 1/2 size bigger since I was pregnant. I've been hoping that my seemingly 'swollen' fingers would return to their prepregnancy size, but alas they have not. After 6 months of waiting and walking around town with a baby in tow and no ring on my finger... I've accepted the fact that my body may just have changed permanently. So, tonight we are going back to Fashion Valley to pick up my rings. I'm kind of giddy thinking of wearing them again. It has been so long.

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