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Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Festivus!!!

We celebrated Festivus today, as the 23rd of December is the traditional day for the "holiday" according to Seinfeld. Our buddies Rob, Julie, and Katie came over to help us do the honors. Dylan opened a couple of his presents from his Grandma and Grandpa Drenan. The first was a cute set of "keys" that makes noise, and second is a baseball that makes the sound of broken glass when you throw it. The genesis of this gift is an inside story between his Dad and his Grandpa.
We also had a gift exchange with our friends while we watched the classic Festivus Seinfeld episode.

The Feats of Strength!
Festivus would not be complete without a metal pole (in our case: a halogen lamp) and the Feats of Strength. This year the participants were Briana and Julie, the "feat" was arm-wrestling...the winner: Briana.
Thankfully the girls arm-wrestled versus leg-wrestling (since based on previous workouts at the gym, Julie has Briana beat with the leg workouts and Briana has always breezed through the arm part!)

Thanks for a good time tonight guys!



We had a blast. The pictures are great! It'll be a memory for the ages. Happy Festivus!


Rob has me on a weight training routine to get me in shape for next year's Feats of Strength. I'm dropping the purse and picking up the medicine ball. It's go time! (ooooh, my back!)

Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum!


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