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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Sometimes we are overcome with joy and happiness at being Dylan's parents that we can't speak. Today, looking down at him when he was swaddled up in his crib (just like this picture), we just stared at him. And he stared back. And smiled. No words describe it sometimes. Yes, sometimes there are words that describe the frustration or joy that describe parenthood, but sometimes not. For a brief moment today we were speechless. Beautiful child.

Update: After Ryan wrote the above blog, our precious child threw up and had a major blowout (twice!). Life sure keeps us on our toes, no matter how speechless we might be from time to time. (sigh!)
Now Ryan is in the other room, working on getting Dylan back to sleep for the night (who is bound to put up a fight, I'm sure).



Well, if that isn't just the perfect description of parenthood I don't know what is. "my baby is so beautiful and precious and awesome and....oh, man! Another dirty diaper, spit up and load of laundry!?" Thanks for the laugh. And that is a beautiful picture!


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