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Friday, November 25, 2005


We've officially graduated Dylan from his infant carrier to a rear-facing carseat. We took back the bum stroller and infant carrier the other day to Babies R Us and they gave us store credit (funny how one store will do it and another will refuse). They made us return the whole travel system, so we were stuck without a way to bring Dylan back home and had to figure out which carseat he'd be getting there on the spot. We picked the Graco ComfortSport. He seems to like it well enough. He still hollers and fusses when we first put him into the carseat, but now falls asleep occasionally, which is a major step up in the world of traveling in the Drenan car.

Yesterday we had thanksgiving dinner at the Pohlman's house. Dylan met their cute little dog, Jack (see picture). We played a traditional game with their family after dinner where you pile up tons of presents in the middle of the table, roll three dice, and collect presents based on the number of pairs you roll as you go around taking turns until all the gifts are selected. Then you go around 3 more times, "robbing your neighbor" of gifts until the game is over. Then you open them all up and see what goofy presents you selected and stole. It was really fun, especially with the family alliances that were formed against little Emma, the youngest in the family, who naturally wanted as many presents as she could get (all the while, the boys stealing all that she had). We had lots of fun with everyone. And dinner was FABULOUS! Judy Pohlman is one fantastic cook!

Update on Dylan's first bites: Today he tried green beans. So as of now, he's had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, peas, and green beans. He seemed to like the green beans better than the peas. He ate almost the entire container this morning in one sitting! By the end of it all, we were both covered in green.



Hey, Daphne's offended by the implication that she either doesn't know Dylan or is not, in fact, a dog. :) Sounds like a fun day! Love the green bean face!


Sorry Daphne. I've fixed it now. :)


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