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Thursday, December 29, 2005

sniffle, cough, sniffle

Three days ago, Dylan woke up with a nasty headcold. Poor baby. We were still in Chicago visiting family, but had to cut it short to get Dylan back home. So, we packed up the car and headed back to St. Louis. Thankfully he slept most of the way!
It is his first EVER cold and he is pretty miserable at times, but surviving. I called his pediatrician's office and they said that he didn't need to come in or anything. I just hope he doesn't wind up needing any antibiotics, because my pre$cription coverage ends with the new year!
He has a runny nose, a little cough (which breaks my heart), and a scratchy throat (that I can hear when he cries). Ryan hasn't gotten it yet, thankfully, but I've been stuck with a nagging sore throat and keep warding off the full-blown cold as best as I can. One thing is for sure: it is harder to care for a fussy, sick baby... but MUCH more difficult when you are fussy and sick yourself!
I'll raise my hot cup of tea to that! Amen.
Now off to take a nap while the baby is still asleep.
Update 12/30/05: Ryan called Dr. Liu's office again this morning and got Dylan an appointment this afternoon at 3:45pm. I'm glad we are taking him in. Last night he was on a major sleep boycott for 8 hours and cried most of that time! Sounds like it is settling into his chest too, which worries me.


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