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Friday, June 02, 2006

Grand Opening at Caltech

On June 22nd, little D-Man and I are going to be head-mama/baby for the newest Stroller Strides class. I went through the instructor training course for primary group fitness in Malibu at Pepperdine a few weeks ago. And now the date is set for the grand opening day of the Caltech Stroller Strides class - free for any new moms intersted in checking it out. I'll be the instructor for the Thursday morning class from 9-10am. I'm excited. I've been preparing for this for a couple months now, taking as many classes in South Pasadena that I could with Dylan in tow. He loves seeing all the other babies and watching his mama run around, strength training, and getting back into shape for the summer! And to be honest, it is really helping me feel like me again, which is a fabulous feeling. Just the other day after class another mom that I hadn't seen in a few weeks commented that I "looked good" and that was lovely to hear. Living in LA can be difficult sometimes with all the glamour and high-society types running around... but getting out of myself a few times a week to workout with other women who have common goals of regaining their bodies pre-baby, and helping them do it, makes me feel better. Less than 3 weeks to the grand opening at Caltech. Wish me luck!!!



What a great idea!! Awesome- if I have a baby- I want to join.


Good luck with the class! Hey, if you ever had to move to England, I heard on the radio that they have a similar program, but they call it "Power Pramming."

Of course, now we can't come visit you guys, because compared to you we'll be all fat and flabby, like... well, like St. Louisans :)


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