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Thursday, July 20, 2006

an aborted mission

To start off with a disclaimer: I love my cat. I do.

But have I ever mentioned how much I hate kitty litter? I am not using the word "hate" lightly here. I H-A-T-E the dust, bits of it that end up along the carpet, smell, and general idea of it all. I also H-A-T-E cleaning up the litter box, which sits pestiferously in the downstairs 1/2 bathroom. Today, in an attempt to make the room less repugnant, I decided to sweep up the scattered litter and scrub the floors. Little explanation is needed beyond the fact that I got even more annoyed and aborted said mission.

And have I mentioned how much I L-O-V-E my husband for always keeping it clean and not making me deal with it more than once in a blue moon? Ah, I love that man.



Cat Litter is the worst. Worse than the hair, worse than the 5 am wake up meows, worse than the hairballs. The everpresent cat litter smell and that crunch of it when you walk within 10 feet of the box. I don't care what the marketing says or what gizmo you put in, on, around, or near the box, it's just a pain in the butt. We had to hide out in the basement on Weds due to storms and I was near gagging after an hour of being in the same space as the cat litter. Makes me wonder why we have a cat, until I see Katie light up and shriek "Ki-ee!"


We totally sympathize! It is one of our three cats life mission to spread the litter as far and wide around our home as possible. She has a spectacular dismount from the litter box just to avoid treading on the brush matting we placed around the box to clean their feet on the way out. We can however take conciliation in the fact that our boy cat is fastidious about wiping his feet on the way out.

Nonetheless, the love we get in return is always worth it!


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