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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Despite a 101 degree day, Dylan's first birthday party was a big hit!

Riding atop daddy's shoulders. Always a hit. Especially when daddy kicked it up a notch to a jog around on the grass - smiles galore!

Opening presents! Dylan's friends were VERY generous to him... He got: Gymboree tunnel and bubbles, gift cards, swimming ducky for the bathtub, cute outfits, a jingling ball, books, animal puzzle, dump-truck/shape sorter, bottle/sippycup cooler, and a school bus. We were overwhelmed with the generosity and thoughtfulness of our friends. Thank you everyone!

Our friends Penny and Sarah gave Dylan this tunnel from Gymboree. Let's just say that it is currently in our livingroom and Dylan can't get enough of it! (Recipe for a smiling little boy: shove a bunch of his deflated party balloons in the tunnel and let him crawl through, pushing the balloons ahead of him through the tunnel. He loves it!)

Katie enjoying the festivities after a nice pre-party snooze in the stroller.

Sacked out in the car on the ride home (with his beloved bear). We barely pulled out from the park before this birthday boy was snoozing.


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