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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UBER excited

Julie is my bestest friend and I'm super excited to announce that she is coming out for a week-long visit in July! She found great deals on flights and booked them last night. I have been desperate to see her again since we moved back from St. Louis in February.

I only wish I could keep her for good. That or woo her enough to convince her and her husband to move out here when they get their Ph.D.s in a few months...
They were our first friends when we moved out to St. Louis 5 years ago and became our best friends over those first few months. We saw eachother through the first few years of being newly married, enduring graduate school, jobs, pregnancy, and becoming new parents. I've been begging for her to book a trip out here with her baby girl for months and finally my wish has come true!!! I can hardly stand it.

Oh what fun we will have. My mind is racing with ideas.

But first, I plan to collect my hugs!


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