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Sunday, June 18, 2006

daddy's day

For Ryan's first Father's Day, he enjoyed watching the World Cup, then his family came up from San Diego for the afternoon to celebrate Father's Day and Teri's birthday together.

Today I honor my husband for being a wonderful father and friend. His love for Dylan and I is apparent with just about everything he does and I'm so grateful for him in my life. I see how dedicated his dad is, and it is no wonder where he got that beautiful trait from. I love watching him as a father and it melts my heart when Dylan looks around for him in the room, excited when he finds "daddy." I love you Ryan. Thank you for being, well, YOU.

In front of the fountain outside our townhome.

Ryan and his dad got a joint present for Father's Day (giftcard to a golf course in San Diego). I'm sure the guys are going to enjoy using that together in a few weeks!

Ryan, Meghan, and Matt.

Dylan enjoyed playing with his Uncle Matt (left) and Aunt Meghan (below).

Aunt Meghan, always putting funny boxes on her head! Dylan can't get enough.


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