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Saturday, June 17, 2006

the beach

Dylan and I went with a group of friends to Huntington Beach. The weather was perfect. It was his first real beach experience and I must say that it wore both of us out! (after baths and such, we both passed out until daddy got home)

It was halarious to watch how differently the boys vs. girl babies responded to the beach. See how my little guy is pulling up on the umbrella and the other babies are sitting in one spot? I sure got my exercise that day chasing him around.

Dylan was most definitely one of the BOYS: eating sand, picking up discarded bits of food, you name it! (it didn't help that he is teething - top two teeth - and so EVERYTHING went into this little guy's mouth)

Dylan loved the water, playing and stomping around, splashing and feeling the water come up and over his legs. All in all, a VERY fun afternoon!


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