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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mr. Banana Grabber

Look, a seagull! Our little guy decided to be a Mr. Banana Grabber the other day. We gave him a banana to feed himself, and he sure enjoyed it.

He absolutely would not let go of it, though, and it turned into a banana smoothie in his fingers.
He had a bit of fun feeding himself some mashed banana, but it was short-lived.
In the end we had to take it away, and he kicked himself for a poor business decision. He never should have given up bananimation rights.

Reference: Arrested Development




So I'm scrolling through, reading the sweet story of a boy and his banana, and bam, the sobbing "boy lost his banana" picture comes up and totally burst out laughing. Awesome.

Bananimation. Even more awesome.

Banana Grabber Scene...priceless.


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