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Friday, July 07, 2006

a year ago TODAY

He learned to laugh
and squeal,
then sit and stand.
Now he can walk if you
hold their hands.
But the fun has only
just begun...
Look out he's turning ONE!


July 7th, 2005: our son Dylan Ryan was born. A precious, perfect gift from God. Here is our first picture as a family, minutes after his birth at 11:32am!

Dylan was less than a month old here. While he took a nap, my mom and I had fun taking pictures. This picture was my favorite.

This is the picture we used for his birth announcement. The dark colored teddy bear on the very bottom is his favorite. See previous blog titled "Finding Teddybear" for details on the discovery of his furry friend.

Mommy and baby.

Mommy, Daddy... and Dylan makes 3!


Sporting his birthday hat.
Full of energy, curiosity, and smiles.
I couldn't be more in love!

Tonight we are heading down to San Diego to celebrate with some family. Dylan will get to play in the pool, soak up some sun (with sunscreen of course, no worries), and dive into some birthday cake!



Sooo cute, Prince Dylan!!

Happy Birthday little guy! Can't wait to see you and party LA-style next week!


Happy Birthday Little man! Hope the pool and cake combination was not too messy. Looking forward to your party!


Too cute! Happy Birthday!!


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