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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

lounging at gymboree

Julie and I took the kiddos to Gymboree again yesterday for an hour of unbridled play.

The kids on the rocking boat. Dylan wanted to stand and rock the boat (literally) while Katie sat sweetly across the way like the lady she is.

Dylan took a surprising 10 minute or so rest, lounging on this banana rocker. It was so unlike him to just lay there for minutes at a time. At one point, he even folded his hands behind his head. I was tickled to have my camera along in my diaper bag (gotta love how much you can cram in those things for any occasion).

Today we are off to the Huntington Library. The plan includes a nice long walk through the gardens, playtime at the children's gardens (which should be fun now that Dylan can walk), and perhaps a picnic in the shade. If all goes well, the babes will nap in the strollers for us and we can enjoy our last day together there in the beauty of the gardens. I remember when we first moved out here and I took Dylan to the gardens. I called Julie while I sat there and cried, missing my friend so much that it hurt. Now I get to take her there. What a treat!


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