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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

(un)happy nails

Tonight after getting the boys settled in with dinner, I headed out for a much needed "moms night out" with a handful of my other mom friends.

The venue: pedicures at "Happy Nails" salon at Paseo Colorado.
The outcome: a ticked off Briana with a satisfactory pedicure and sub-par manicure, but a good evening overall with good friends and memories to eventually laugh at after about two nail polishings down the road.

Basically the women that did my nails were downright rude and rough with me. They pushed my feet around instead of gently telling me to switch feet in/out of the water, glared at me without even a tiny smile when I over-tippped them for their shoddy service, and further botched up my nails when I pointed out that a flake of skin from the man next to me (getting his callouses filed off) landed in my wet nailpolish! I think they had a plot against me. One thing is for sure, I'm not going back there again for their abuse. Happy Nails? My ass.

Honestly, hanging out with my friends was the point of the evening - which was a major success and I'm glad I went in the end. I'm just irritated with the very unhappy nail salon workers and hope plenty of other customers stiffed them on their tips tonight (since I was an idiot and personally over-tipped them)!



But tell us how you really feel! ;)


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