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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Dylan has been enchanted by the Diaper Champ (for those of you without kiddos, it's basically a fancy diaper trash can that has a mechanism to help keep the rotten smells to a minimum - and by golly, it sure works!)...
So now whenever I am finished changing the little guy's pants, he gets excited to carry his own diaper to the trash and help me put it in. We had to move the actual diaper champ to the bathroom around the corner from his room, in fear that he'd toss one of his toys into it and we'd wind up throwing things away. Well, here is a video of Dylan helping mommy. See how proud he is of it all? I wonder how long this excitement over taking care of the "trash" will last.

Funny note: Just after taking this video, I set down my camera and went to wash my hands. I turned around to find Dylan (very proud of himself, might I add) carefully placing the CAMERA into the diaper champ. See now why we moved it to the bathroom? I better keep a close eye on him... He's quick!



Dylan must take after his father. Great grandparents Drenan remember when Ryan's blanky disappeared for a long period of time occurred before it was found stuffed in an ice bucket.


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