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Saturday, July 29, 2006

straws, falls & poop, oh my!

Guess who drank from a straw for the first time today? No. Not Ryan. Silly.
Yeah, Dylan. We were sitting at CPK with Meghan and offered him some milk from the CPK kids meal cup and he gulped it up like he'd been doing it for years. Only glitch is that he can't seem to figure out how to let go of the straw from his mouth without dumping all the milk down his chin in the process. I'm sure he'll eventually "get" the whole straw concept, but for now it's sure making a mess.

The falls:

Then later tonight, he fell and bumped his lip on a toy. (now imagine lots and lots of tears with lots of breath-holding that babies and toddlers do so well when they get hurt). Good thing he already has that bruise on his right eye to complete his rough and tough look.

And now for the poop:
And now I'm pretty sure he has some kind of stomach virus. He's pooped 4 times today, which is at least 3 more times than any other normal day and without too much more in the way of details, I'll just say that my gut feeling on this one is that he's sick. Plus he's also puked a couple times this afternoon. And either it is all in my head or I'm starting to feel kind of yucky myself. Cross your fingers that I don't wind up with a stomach flu as well. They say that when a kid gives a bug to the parents, the parent gets it much worse. I remember when Ryan got something a few months back from Dylan and he was in agony, in bed for a few days, not eating, or sleeping. At least what they say was true that time around.




We've got a bug in our house too. I think it was the kids going away gift to each other.

yay on the straw cup!! One step closer to an in-an-out milk shake, Dylan!

and the poop...well, there's nothing good about that. Let's just hope it's almost over.


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