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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

all in 20 minutes

I swear this all happened within 20 minutes (WHILE I was making dinner and scrubbing/cleaning out the fridge, I might add).

Dylan emptied the kitchen cabinet under the sink full of cleaning supplies (I was cleaning the fridge and thought he was playing safely with something else and was TOTALLY shocked with his mischief when I turned around)... then just minutes later, after a dirty diaper and getting him settled in the living room with his toys and music, I hear some banging and look up for him. I expected to find him banging a toy on the coffee table, but NO, he was around the corner with all 4 of our glass coasters (that he hasn't been able to reach until today of all days) and banging them up & down on the fireplace! There was glass shattered everywhere and luckily he wasn't hurt. I guess he grew just enough overnight to reach and explore in ways he couldn't yesterday.

All that and to top it off, he'd been fussing and crabbing at me all day. Plus, he refused to eat both his lunch and dinner. (sigh). At least he's not constipated anymore.

Who said that the terrible twos start at 18 months? They've got to be kidding me!



Oh my gosh. It's making me itch to get my tool box out and nail everything down or shut when I get home and Ewan can't even hold his head yet, let alone crawl or stand. Yet another phase for you to deal with, but you will and it will be fine because these kids are just so cute.


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