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Saturday, August 05, 2006

santa barbara

Briana here. Today we headed up the coast to meet up with my parents for the afternoon in Santa Barbara. Driving up the coast was beautiful, as always, and we were blessed with a napping baby the entire trip. Both ways. What a treat.
We spent the next 8 hours eating, shopping along State Street, and then more eating. One of the highlights was shopping with my mom in Nordstroms while the boys hung out together patiently for 2 hours. Because Victoria's Secret was nowhere to be found, we headed into Nordies to check out the bra section (wearing too-big nursing bras 5 months beyond the days of nursing will drain just about any woman of her self-esteem and my mom was sweet enough to take me for a lift-of-spirits, so to speak). Two hours later our mission was more than accomplished.
We gathered our husbands and the baby - and headed off for more food.
Nothing says "I love you" like new bras and a tummy full of filet mignon. Thanks mom and dad!



I love the santa barbara nordstrom! The french dip at the cafe is awesome too!


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