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Thursday, November 30, 2006

love (bedtime reading) thursday

I love how Dylan loves our bedtime-book-reading-fest routine each night as a family. Neither Ryan or I have proved to be big readers ourselves (unless you count email, blogs, or science journal papers) and I'm tickled to watch how our son enjoys reading with us. I think he has figured out that reading more books stalls his having to go to bed. Therefore he requests passionately (as toddlers do with just about everything that is taken away) for more books.
And what could be more precious than a kid who loves to play peek-a-boo with you through the cover of his book?
Could you resist reading it again? Yeah, me neither.




Wonderful picture! Definately one for the display wall. It's a great age to enjoy every minute. And nothing more precious than having your child snuggled up and hanging on every word. Happy Love Thursday!


That is a great picture! You need to frame that.


That is the cutest picture! How wonderful that you have that special time together each day.


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