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Thursday, November 16, 2006

TV night

Thursdays are TV night in our household. Survivor (after a several year hiatus), The Office (puhleez get Pam and Jim together!!), and Grey's Anatomy are on the lineup. We make dinner and hurry up clean up the kitchen. This Thursday Briana made cookies. Dylan has his bath early so there is no chance of missing the shows. We look forward to it all week and tonight didn't disappoint. Briana's is officially out of the office pool for the Survivor winner, Jim is back in Scranton, and Alex kissed Izzy (but she "can't"...).
Anyway, Dylan had fun too. He found the thing we mix our martinis in, and carried around his (several) toothbrushes which he calls "deeet!!". Cute.



Dylan is in on your martini night! Looks like he'd be a natural at the "shaken", not so sure about the "stirred."


So many things to comment on from this post. I feel I must number them:
1. I know Thursday night is a big t.v night. And there are lots of shows on at the same time. But you do not know what you are missing on Thursday nights if you are not watching "Ugly Betty".
2. Sorry about Jenny on Survivor. I really thought she had a chance. Go Becky! Go Candace! But, I do feel bad for you. Really. ;)
3. Pam and Jim can never, ever be together. The show would not survive if they consummate that relationship. Don't you remember Sam and Diane? Ok, maybe you are too young to remember Sam and Diane. I'll move on...
4. Alex and Izzy can never, ever be together. The show would not survive if they consummate that...hey,wait a minute. This is Grey's Anatomy. Everybody's consummated with everybody on this show! In fact, I think Alex and Izzy "can" and "already have" consummated that relationship.
5. And finally, that little bartender of yours needs another hand for his tip jar. He'd make a bundle.


for the record: sam and diane were on CHEERS. So there. I do remember. ;) hehe.


Ah, Cheers. The show that Seinfeld replaced, right guys?

I second that Pam and Jim cannot get together. No show has ever survived that sort of thing without becoming ridiculous afterward, with the exception of Cheers, where Shelly Long left.

So, you gonna let Dylan watch "Cocktail' to learn the ropes?


Dylan is looking so grown up. We were looking back today at old photos from July when we all went swimming. It's amazing how fast they grow.


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