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Saturday, October 28, 2006

burning calves

Last night I got home after a 6 mile walk with my friend Kathy, made dinner, then asked Ryan if I could go up to take a bath. My legs were aching and I was desperate for some relief.
Now, not only was Ryan left with a kitchen full of dishes and a tired baby, but the world series game 5 was on. He lovingly let me retire upstairs for 30 minutes of solitude with a relaxing bath without any responsibilities. He didn't say a word about me leaving him with all that during THE GAME.
Can I just say, that I love this man?

When I came back downstairs, I found him giddily watching the game with Dylan. It was the final inning and perfect timing for me to snuggle in with my favorite boys and watch our St. Louis Cardinals WIN the 2006 World Series! My favorite part was when they won and Ryan tossed his hands up and ran around the livingroom.... with Dylan copying him. That was the best part of all!

And my legs feel much better now, thank you very much.


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