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Sunday, October 08, 2006

"more", or "all done"?

Dylan signing for more (and yes, that is food on his face - jelly from his waffle, to be exact)...
and all done.

He is getting pretty good at communicating during mealtimes, which is good, because it always has the potential for confusion with Dylan pushing away food or tossing unwanted morsels on the floor. Sign language seems to really cut down on frustration. That is, as long as he asks for something we are willing to give him...

I made a list of Dylan's words to date (as of 15 months) in honor of our recent visit to the pediatrician. So far, I've counted 16 words:
Kittycat (ke kee kah, or itty)
Dog (dahg)
Mommy (ma mah)
Daddy (dah dah)
Ball (bah)
More (moh)
Milk (muh)
Book (buh)
All Done (signing)
Please (signing)
Bubbles (Buhuz)
Duck (duh)
Bottle (ba-ba)

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As your official speech therapist, I would have to agree with the pediatrician. A 15 word vocabulary is impressive. A genius for sure!


I have taught this course at the university. I have a great video if you ever want it!


Thanks for commenting over at my place!!

mary, mom to many


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