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Friday, September 29, 2006

pumpkin giraffe

disclaimer: yes, I know it isn't even October yet. But this is my blog and therefore I get to post early Halloween pictures... And anyhow, it isn't like pictures of my wedding dress a month before the big day. It's halloween people.

Halloween, in my opinion, can be either lame or really cute. Depends on where you go and what you do. But this year, with Dylan, it is bound to be cute-filled times. We've made plans with some friends to go trick-0-treating with the babies at the mall, which should be fun.
My mom sent us a costume that is actually a coat. But since the weather is still pretty warm here in 'ol Pasadena, and we came across probably the cutest pumpkin costume EVER, we are going to go with the pumpkin for the actual day of Halloween. Plus, the giraffe costume might be big enough for next year anyhow. Here are some pictures of both costumes from this week as we played with both outfits before bedtime...

The Pumpkin.

The Giraffe.

Pumpkin boy with his black (and white) kitty-cat.



He is soooooo adoreable!!!;oP


Thanks for the disclaimer. But, I guess it is close enough to October! So I came back to see the pumpkin boy pics again. :)
You know, what makes that costume? Those slipper/shoes!
What are you feeding that kitty? Pumpkin seeds?
Can't wait for "Gobble gobble boy" in Nov and "elf boy" in Dec!


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