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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

reunion amongst cougars

Briana here. I went to a little DG reunion the other night in Corona Del Mar (Orange County for those of you not in California) for a nice dinner and later dancing. It was great to see a bunch of my old sorority sisters and catch up. The girls looked great. Seriously, none have aged a bit since college! We had a few drinks, had a wonderful steak dinner, and then danced the night away. I rode down and back with Ya-Lei, which was great. We had a couple hours extra to catch up, which was a nice treat. I don't have any pictures of my own to post here. (If I did, there would be one here of 9 hot ladies dancing it up at midnight!)

One thought I had after seeing all the cougars that came out when the restaurant turned into a club after 10pm, that I'm so glad that I got to come home to my husband and baby instead of going home with some skeezy guy that was there. The place was crawling (minus a few) with overly made-up women with obvious plastic surgery, too-short skirts and lowcut tops. The guys were similarly gross. The great thing that I didn't realize until we left the club, was that I didn't smell of smoke. It didn't occur to me until later that there wasn't any smoking because we were in California. People still had a good time, but it wasn't with the remnants of second-hand smoke in my hair at the end of the night. Despite the traffic and fairly skeezy crowd, I'm glad about the non-smoking deal.



The no-smoke thing would be so nice. Stupid Missouri. I have to choose which restaurants and bars to go to based on which ones have either a no smoking policy or a really well separated smoking area. Or plan to have my coat drycleaned and take a shower before bed (or have to wash my bed the next day...) I wish more places voluntarily went smoke-free.


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