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Saturday, September 16, 2006

growing like a weed

Here is a "then and now" composition for y'all. He sure has grown up in the past few months here (4 months, then 14 months). Each new stage is bitter-sweet. And it feels like he gets taller everyday!

Veggie update: Thursday night I was very proud of myself for getting Dylan to put a green bean in his mouth on his own accord (instead of the usual battle that ends in him spitting them out in disgust and massive protest). So here is what I did: I steamed them, added balsamic vinegarette and some fresh parmesean cheese on top. Then... I slyly ate one like it was the best treat I've ever had, in a "french-fry" fashion with my hands. I got Ryan to play along, eating his yummy green beans like french fries. And he totally fell for it. He wanted one of his own. Then asked for more. I'm a genius!


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