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Friday, September 08, 2006

Words and Waving

New word: Ball.
But Dylan doesn't say "ball," he says it more like "bu-uh" and it is so precious.

He says a few words now, but does not consistently use them. He definitely knows daddy ("dada"), mommy ("maaa"), kitty ("itty"), more ("neh neh"), and now ball ("buuh"). He can do the sign language signs for more and please (which he did for the first time tonight actually). And the tantrums are getting less and less. He's so much more fun to be around now that he can express what he wants and he responds to us asking him to be helpful during diaper changes, bathtime, dressing, mealtime, and getting into the car. Now if I could only figure out how to get him to eat his veggies... my latest bewilderment.

Latest bedtime routine: Mommy carries Dylan to his room down the hall and they wave goodnight to daddy together. The cutest part is that Dylan keeps waving to daddy even long after he is out of sight.



I like how you added "buh" that's hilarious!;O) Also the 2nd pic is soooooo adoreable!! You have the greatest pics!


He is well on his way to a full vocabulary! The next thing you know he'll be saying "cuh" for cup. Isn't language great? I should know...speech is my life. :)
Great pics!


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