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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

new toy

On Saturday, while I was at work, Ryan made a new toy for Dylan out of some would-be trash. He cut a slotted opening in the formula can lid and paired it with some saved babyfood jar lids. Perfect combo for Dylan's new FAVORITE toy. And the best part is that it cost us nothing! Ah, aren't those the best toys anyhow?
I love when he plays in this semi-squatted position favored by most toddlers (as if they might get a better offer at any moment and might need to split). Last night he sat happily and played with his new toy for about 10 minutes. Way to go, dad! (my hero).



heehee My kids always play with the boxes their toys come in! Funny stuff!! Very creative toy wish I would've thought of that 1. Kudos! I use to put pennies on the bottom of the kids shoes....they liked that when they were around 2. Love the pics and look forward to many more!;O)


Much safer than Katie's favorite homemade toy - ziploc bags! I really don't think we need to buy Katie any more toys, with all the fun things we can make at home.

If Dilly's into noisemakers (like Katie is), you could try putting some rice or dried corn into a paper towel tube and tape over the ends with clear packing tape. Cheaper than buying one of those "rain sticks." Or just let him get into the pots and pans. That's Katie's other favorite.


Hey...these pics are pretty cute. But, where's Thaddeus???


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