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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Getting ready for the day. Dylan got a new shirt from Ross. Yeah, Ross. Ryan absolutely hates that place (I think it is the masses of people hunting for bargains, with disorganization galore, and long lines), but I can stand it long enough to find a few good deals. One of which was the $2.99 shirt I found for Dylan that Ryan even likes. Yeah, Ryan likes the shirt. He thinks it's adorable. But believe me, Ryan still won't step foot into a that store.



I wish I could shop better but lines and lots of people get on my nerves. I gotta give you kudos for sticken em out for the great deals!;O)


You know, I had to explain to Rob what a Ross was and he asked why Ryan hated them and I explained the chaos, the disorder, the people, the lines, the smell, the mess...and he actually, honestly, said "but that's part of the fun. The fun of hunting for a good bargain, a cool find, something unique." I just looked at him across the table and asked if he'd ever met himself. This from the man that starts grumbling the second we walk into a store, asking what we're getting, where it is, and when we can leave.

The shirt is adorable!


Just got your e-mail! I wanted to see you too! Love the new do- and have fun at teh reunion! Take pictures and put on your blog!!!!


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