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Friday, August 11, 2006

B's new do

I got my hair cut last night. And I now have some long bangs that whisp across my forehead. I also had the stylist straighten my hair at the end of the cut, so that was a treat (not to mention the wonderful scalp massage she gave me during my shampooing!)
It has been many, many years since I've had bangs. And a week before my 10 year high school reunion I decide to get some cut? Am I crazy, you ask? (yes, of course.)
But I like them and that is the good news. As long as they stay on the right side of my face and don't tick me off, crawling into my eyes and nose. If they do, it will be war. But right now I'm enjoying the change and hope they behave.



Love the new do!!;O) Hope you have fun at the reunion!


So pretty! Oh, and the hair is pretty, too!


You gonna show that 'do to Cyndi? ;)

Boy, new hairdo, no glasses, little Dilly, who's going to recognize you at your reunion?


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