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Friday, August 18, 2006

Beach Bummin'

We were in San Diego earlier this week for a visit and for a meeting for Ryan's work. Dylan and us had fun swimming in the pool and hanging out in the spa. While we all hung out in the spa with our cocktails, Dylan had his straw sippy cup.

We met up with Ryan one afternoon between meetings over at La Jolla Shores beach near UCSD. Wonderful weather, nice waves, lots of people.
Dylan playing along the water's edge. He loves running around and splashing in the water!

Walking along the beach.

We have a picture of just Ryan and I at this beach in 2002 framed at home. And this past week, we took this one, with the three of us! Life has come full circle.



Ooooh the beach!!!! I know you all had a blast!! Dylan looks sooooo happy! God I miss Cali ;O)


How was the reunionen??


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