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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Love Thursday

Karen at Chookooloonks has started something called "Love Thursday", where she challenged her readers to post weekly photos depicting love.

Here is mine for this week:

This picture was taken at our wedding 5 years ago. It was taken after our ceremony when we had just walked out of the church and waiting for the rest of our wedding party to take some pictures. At the time, we didn't know that there was someone taking this picture of our first minutes as husband and wife, which makes me love it even more. Those moments when you are totally in the moment, and a picture captures it without your knowing it, are my favorite. Whenever I see this picture, it reminds me of how precious our love is to me and how much I treasure my life, just as it is.




Beautiful Photo. You two are so cute. I bet you have photos of each of you with Dylan in that forehead to forehead pose, too. I want a collage, stat. :)

But seriously, beautiful.


Definitely an incredible pic! Camera man caught a moment.;O)


Like I said, nothing like a beautiful black and white pic.


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