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Monday, August 28, 2006

10 year reunion

This past weekend was my 10 year high school class reunion, up in Lompoc. It took place at the La Purisima Mission at the fountain where some of my senior pictures were taken, interestingly enough.
It was nice to see a few old friends (such as my friend Dallas, pictured here with Ryan and I), but some of the rest of my classmates were WAY too drunk for my taste. A handful of us really enjoyed catching up and the rest were disappointing, to say the least. Oh well, I guess 10 years isn't long enough for a few of them to grow up...

We spent a few days up at my parent's in Lompoc, visiting also with my sister's family and new baby (only 3 weeks old). It was good to see her again and get to meet my new nephew, Nick. He's so sweet and little and precious. (you probably are thinking, what baby isn't all those things... but this little guy really is all of those!) And we enjoyed watching Dylan and his cousin Andrew play together. Andrew is only 3 months older than Dylan and we love to watch them toddle around the house, while Dylan explores uncharted (and very un-childproofed) territory. I find myself holding my breath that he won't inadvertently break something along the way.



About time!!! heehee j.k. Great was held at a beautiful location. Only 2 pics though? What about the pics at your parents house? I know you have loads of pics of the kids playin! heehee Can't wait to see more so.....keep em comin!;O)


Looks like fun! I actually ran into Dallas in Cheyenne about a year ago- her husband was stationed here.


I had never been to that mission. Thanks for the link. Next time I am in that area, I will stop to see it. There is something about California Missions that I love. Went to mission San Miguel (sp?) in the fourth grade. I've been interested ever since. And, yet I have never visited this one.
Now for the 10 year reunion...I did not go to mine. But, I am looking forward to the 30th. Yes, I said 30th class reunion in 2008. High school was so long ago. I'm sure when I go, I will be mourning the loss of my youth. And wondering why all these old people are at my high school reunion! Therefore, I will be one of the ones who has WAY too much to drink. :)


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