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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Love (my family) Thursday

Happy Love Thursday everyone!
This was taken a couple weekends ago when we were driving back to LA from Lompoc after my reunion weekend. We stopped in Santa Barbara for a few hours because traffic was so awful. We had traveled only 1 mile after 20 minutes of crawling along the parking lot (uh, I mean freeway). Anyhow, this was the silver lining in that VERY long drive home.
We otherwise would never have stopped to enjoy the sunset and beach. Nothing like this to know you are blessed and that things happen for a reason.
And Ryan took some great pictures of Dylan running around in the grass as the sun set, playing together as a family...

And I (Ryan) have to say that his is one of my favorite pictures out of the the thousands we've taken. I was so upset about the horrific traffic, cursing all the Los Angelians that were on the road and bemoaning the fact that we live there. But if the road was clear we would have sailed by and never made these memories. Briana and Dylan, I love you so much!

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Awesome pic...perfect background too! Would love to see the ones of Dylan playing! Can't wait to see more pics!;O)


That is beautiful! I love the scenery behind you.


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