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Sunday, September 03, 2006

toilet paper anyone?

This morning while getting ready for church, I was checking my email, chatting with Julie on IM, and keeping an eye on Dylan as he played next to me. Now, I'll preface this story with the fact that the toilet lid was already shut, so I felt confident that Dylan wasn't going to dunk or drown his teddy bears in the toilet this morning... but I didn't expect him to terrorize the toilet paper roll like he did. It only takes a second, ladies and gentlemen. One. Second.

He got hold of the end of the roll, and went running. He was quite proud of himself, I must add. And what else was I to do, but grab the camera and get some pictures. After all, I'm sure to be more careful with keeping the bathroom door closed from now on and hopefully this was just a one time deal.
And thankfully I was able to salvage about half the roll of toilet paper for future use. (remember, we are on a budget here folks.)



My cats used to do this when they were babies. They grow out of it. Maybe Dylan will too. :)


heehe......hilarious! My kids would just roll it down the stairs!;O)


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