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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love (my kitty) Thursday

Happy Love Thursday everyone! Here are a couple snapshots we got this past week while Dylan was snuggling his kitty, Thaddeus.

He may grow and change each month, with new interests and milestones... but one thing hasn't changed much: his love for his kitty cat. And I firmly believe that the love is mutual.
Despite many opportunities to run away, Thaddeus just stays, purring like he's in kitty-heaven as his favorite little friend tumbles across, over, and around him, bringing him toys and drooling on his head. And for a cat who knows what he wants at all times and makes sure he gets it, I have to say that I'm impressed with how patient he is with Dylan when he gets in one of his snuggle-kitty moods.

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I can't believe he just lays there like. So cute!!!

PS..the kid's kinda cut e too. ;)


That is one big kitty! So very sweet. I have up a kitty pick too.

Happy Love Thursday!


What an adoreable duo!! Love the pics!;O)


Very cool.


what an awesome cat!
Dylan is a lucky dude!


TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You make me really want a cat all the more. I had a cat like that when I was growing up. By time I was in HS, he was very old. We knew he was dying and the last night of his life, I sat up with hin all night and petted him until he passed away. :-( I have many fond memories of that little guy.


Wow! What an amazing cat! So cute!


What a sweet kitty and his cute little boy! ;-)

And anybody with a cat knows that this kitty would NOT be sticking around if he didn't enjoy this love!

Too sweet. Truly love!




We can't even get Llora and Katie in the same picture frame!


I know I posted on this one before. But, I had to look at this photo again. It makes me laugh!


Wow! What a lot of comments you get when you put pictures of a cat on your blog. Very very cute. We just hope our cats take to Ewan the same way! We very much doubt it.


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