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Thursday, September 28, 2006

(I) Love (my camera) Thursday

Ryan has a love of photography that was born along with Dylan about a year ago. It started when we hung out with our friends Dave and Laura, who have a similar love for photography and rubbed it all over Ryan until he got a nasty itch for a SLR camera of his very own. A camera-loving monster was born. I happen to love this monster.




I want to see the shot he took! ;-)


Cute, taking the picture in the mirror (you can see the text on the camera is backwards)... How's the saving up for the new lens coming?


Oh, it is such an addiction. I have SIX digital cameras (thanks woot), and finally got the SLR early this year. Oh the pictures to be taken! If only it wasn't so darn heavy. And there were more hours in the day...


yeah, i used photoshop to invert the picture so the text was correct but Briana wanted it back the original way so it was obvious i took it in the mirror. do what the wife says!
re: lens - good news: its ordered, bad news: there is a 2-3 month backorder. looks like it will be my christmas present as well!


Y'know, of all the expensive hobbies to pick up (like golf, video games, obsessive shoe shopping, traveling the country to watch a sports team) this is one of the few I can understand. Well, ok, that and obsessive shoe shopping. Thanks for always sharing your passion and skill with us and taking such beautiful shots of our kiddos together.


Great picture!

I would so love to have a great digital camera. As it is now, I have to borrow my daughter's.


I think that's wonderful. My hubby will barely touch a camera. So, needless to say it's all up to me.


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