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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Love Thursday

Love is waking up early with your baby (then dragging out the minutes you get to stay in bed and snuggle with him while he drinks his bottle).
Every. Single. Day.

Happy Love Thursday (big yawn).




That's sweet.


So cute!! I used to love it when my son would toddle to the side of our bed and say, "Can I come in wiss you?" The answer was always "yes".


Ah, mama love...torn between the baby and the pillow. :) Beautiful photo and lovely quilt. Only the love of a mom can force you out of bed every morning just to feed another person. Very well captured.


Awesome pic! He looks sooo comfy and you look soo..hmmmm. Great job on milkin it!;O) heehee


Love that snuggle time. Something to cherish, indeed.


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