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Friday, October 06, 2006

15 month checkup

The stats:
weight: 23# 11oz (30-40th percentile)
height: 32.75" (90th percentile)
head: 48.5cm (80th percentile)

So, the summary (as Ryan tells it) is that we have a long, skinny kid with a big head. I like to think of it as a tall, lean, smart little boy.

We also had the pediatrican take a look at his hips because of our lingering concern for his right leg that turns inward a bit when he walks. She said that it might be something that he grows out of, but to be sure that it isn't hip dysplasia, she ordered some hip xrays. I had those done yesterday and thankfully they came back negative (which means that there isn't any structural reason for his gait pattern and we will just have to keep an eye on it). So, no surgery. Phew.

Oh, and when we told the pediatrican that Dylan has about a 10-12 word vocabulary now (between the signing and actual words), she was impressed and said that it was advanced for his age. Go figure. Just look at his daddy. He comes from a long line of geniuses.

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aw shucks sweetie...just remember that i'm the one who asked if a set of twins, one a boy and one a girl, were identical twins.


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