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Monday, October 02, 2006


Dylan's temp: 103.0
what to do? well, a good friend encouraged me to call a RN at work on the rehab unit and she told me to put him into a bath with room temp water and then give him some infant tylenol, and keep him hydrated with apple juice. Then, I put some cold washcloths on his head/neck until he cooled down more.
Meanwhile, Ryan called his mom and she confirmed what the RN had also said.
results? success. His temp reading was back down to 98.6. It was good to know that it could be managed at home. But I still put a call into the pediatrician's office and one of the MDs called back with similar instructions. He said that the most important thing is how he is acting (lethargic vs. normal) and that it means more to him than the actual temperature reading - like when looking for signs of meningitis, etc.
And thankfully, Dylan was playing with daddy at that moment, which reassured me that he was really doing alright.
And with his 15 month check-up in two days anyhow, I guess we'll be seeing the doctor anyhow at least by then.
Now the question is if Dylan will wake up tomorrow morning with a fever... if so I'll be staying home from work since Ryan can't take another morning off so I can go in for another half day (which is what we did today since he was already feverish this morning with 101.5)
Fingers crossed that he feels better soon.



Get well soon Dylan.

Fraser is at home not feeling well himself, but more importantly with Ewan this morning who has not been a happy chappy for a few days and is groggy after his 4 month shots yesterday. We empathize!


I hope he feels better soon. Fevers and kids don't mix.


temp in the middle of the night was still 101, so I stayed home with him from work. Ah, the sacrifices we make as parents.


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