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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love Thursdays

Found this while driving around town on the corner of Hill and Walnut the other day. What a perfect sign. Don't you just love Grey's Anatomy?





Happy Love Thursday!

Karen from Chookooloonks


That is so funny. Happy Love Thursday.


Awesome! Happy Love Thursday, and let's hope tonight's Grey's resolves the whole Izzie in or out issue!


That is perfect for Love Thursday! Glad you had your camera. So funny!


Oh goodness, that is so spot on for Love Thursday.


How cute!

Happy Love Thursday. Mine's up. Care to drop by?


Awesome pic!! You do realize it says "ASS" to the left of it? heehee Sorry, had to point it out! Great pic!:OP


yeah, i realized it after i finalized the pic and was too lazy to go back and crop it. it was the side of a truck that said "glass" something.


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