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Friday, October 27, 2006

St. Louis, we miss you

Hanging out at my dear friend Julie's house in St. Louis last week. It was awesome how well these two kids could entertain eachother.
This is where we kept the kids when we went out.
Just kidding.
Dylan loved the dog crate and kept climbing in and then Katie would come along and shut the door on him. We just had to take a picture.

Katie and Dylan hanging out in their PJs. Fun times.

My friend Laura. Gosh I miss her out here.

Nick (Laura's little boy, who is 10 weeks older than Dylan).

Katie (Julie's daughter, who is 4 weeks older than Dylan). Please note that Katie is carefully tasting her cupcake frosting like a lady, while Dylan attacked and devoured his like a storm trooper.

A very messy Dylan, post-cupcake. Clearly there IS a difference between little boys and girls.

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