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Thursday, October 19, 2006

jumping on the bed

One little baby jumping (ok, sleeping) on the bed, He fell off and bumped his head...

So the other night Dylan fussed a little in the crib and instead of risking him waking up Katie in the next room, I brought him into bed with me. We both promptly fell asleep (or at least, I thought we were both asleep). Next thing I knew, there was a loud BUMP followed by a very loud CRY. I looked to my left and there wasn't a little Dylan sleeping next to me anymore. He rolled off the bed and hit the floor. Now he has a bruise (see dark area above his right eye) on his head and some dried blood on his lips from the fall. I didn't even see the blood since the lights were off... until the next morning. Yeah, bad mommy here.
Needless to say, the bed was subsequently pushed up against the wall and I'm going to try with all my might to keep him content in the crib.

Here is Dylan riding in the back of our friend Laura's car after hanging out with a group of friends for the afternoon. It was raining outside and the kids were so cute, dancing and talking across the backseat (Nick is 10 weeks older than Dylan). We were stuck in traffic along hwy 44, but we didn't mind. Being with old good friends will do that to ya.




What a cutie pie!!!:OP


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