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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

healthcare blues

I'm not a fan of HMOs. Especially since we have one and it seems to suck. Yeah, we have an HMO.
And for those of you wondering to yourselves why we didn't just pick the PPO option, let me outline our reasoning for you: How about $580/month premium?
See now why we went for the HMO?
So I've spent the past week agonizing over which PCP to select with our sub-par plan. It only took about 580 phone calls (very little exaggeration here really) to clarify which doctors were available since each sub-entity of the HMO has a different story. Oh, and the online website isn't updated. Of course.
So after a few tears and picking the brains of about every healthcare professional I know (and there are a few of those since I work at a hospital), the search is over. Or so I hope.

p.s. thanks to all my friends at work who have put up with me this past week.



We just settled on our HMO Plan for the same reason, but I guess ours is more organized because we had a pretty updated book with the doctors. HMO's do suck compared to PPOs, but compared to student health insurance they're like winning the insurance lottery! I could have another kid for less than $1000! (Katie, bear in mind, cost me over my entire annual salary in her copay) I hope the new doctors work out for ya.


I am happy you are feeling better about you choices. 580 phone calls? From what I saw, that figure sounds a little low! ;)
Be healthy, my friends.


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