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Friday, November 10, 2006

Two lines = positive

So two years ago yesterday (Nov. 9th) was the day we learned that we were pregnant and going to have our first child. What an amazing feeling to realize that in your body is TWO souls. The responsibility I felt that day on my way to work that I was carrying my unborn baby and to drive EXTRA carefully. The shock that I was indeed pregnant. The excitement that in 9 months I'd be meeting my child for the first time. The look on my husband's groggy, sleepy face at 5am when I bounced into our room with the pregnancy test in hand, those two lines staring back at us boldly.
What a fun and wonderful day!




Whew, I about had a heart attack! I thought you were announcing that you were pregnant again! What a fun day to remember. It hardly seems like 2 years since you called me at 6AM to announce it!


happy conceiveiversary to us!


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