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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

We acquired some free tickets to the San Marino Lacy Park fireworks show yesterday. AND, we know someone who lives a block from the park so they let us park in their driveway rather than walk a long way to the show.
We took Dylan, Daddy took his camera and Kathy joined us for some nice fireworks. We almost choked on the fumes of some guy spraying massive quantities of bug spray right next to us. Bugs in CA, come on! Obviously he had never been to the midwest!



So, Lucy the COTA told me that she is one of those people who gets to the park early in the morning to stake out a spot.
I told her we went at 8:00pm and you found us a great patch of grass to kick back on and watch the show!
You know, I was thinking maybe there were no bugs around us because that guy used about 4 cans of Raid.
Thanks to Lori for the free tickets and MB for the free parking.
And, to you guys for always including me.


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